The Green Inferno preview

The Green Inferno will be a cannibal horror film directed by Eli Roth. This has been a film I’ve been greatly looking forward to the past view months! I’ve never seen Cabin Fever, but I’ve seen Hostel which was decent film from Eli Roth. I’ve been reading all the news coming up on this film and listening to what Roth has said about this film and it sounds incredible. He mentioned how he’s feels like he’s a different director after working on other films and taking everything he’s learned from working with Quentin Tarantino. Will be interesting to see what he’s learned.

From what has been said about the film, The story will take place around the Amazon in South America. A group of activist head over there to use the world of technology through streaming and blogs to attract attention. They have hopes to stop construction that will threaten the lives of nearby un-contacted tribes. Unclear on how this proceeds to happen but they succeed, However their plane crashes after and they are kidnapped by the people they saved. Eli Roth said “The kidnappers view them as food from the skies. It’s the idea that you shouldn’t really be messing in someone else’s business…that you can be this smart student but to someone else you’re just an invader and food.”

The Green inferno

Eli Roth mentioned how he’s noticed a lot of students in the United States on twitter basically RT’ing issues that are going on, and those kids feeling as if they are actually apart of the cause. Everything from Occupy Wall Street to Kony 2012 and Save The Dolphins. He said, “they(students) want to latch onto it without really researching it. They don’t really know anything about it when you actually talk to them. I’m not saying that applies to everyone. But with a lot of people it’s like re-activism, they’re just doing it to feel better about themselves. They don’t really care.” This relates to The Green Inferno because the students feel they can just waltz up into this construction with their phones; in a country run differently than America and change things they aren’t even apart of from the start. This had me very interested in seeing how the movie plays out because I knew alot of people wanting to become involved with the Occupy movement and buying T-Shirts for the Kony 2012. When in the end it didn’t do nothing but raise awareness towards something that’s been going on for years. That is good to be aware but in the end the kony thing didn’t catch the man and people were buying merch from a phony. I talked to someone from Uganda and he thought it was a bad thing to have happen because it’s attracting attention to Uganda when at that moment in time nothing was going on.

Another thing that intrigued me was the fact they were going very deep into the Jungle. Roth explained: “For The Green Inferno, I knew we were going deep in the Amazon. We went further than anyone had ever taken cameras before, travelling five hours a day to and from the location in land rovers, on dirt roads, to a town with shacks where you get on a motorboat where you go 90 minutes up the Amazon…It’s the middle of nowhere, there’s no electricity. If anyone gets hurt there’s no way to get help. It was a very risky shoot. There’s tarantulas, and snakes, and wild animals, and everyone was incredible.”


Roth and his crew were traveling up the river Aguirre and saw a little girl standing in the water so they went to the little village behind here that had hat grass huts with no sort of modern technology. The villagers whom spoke a old language called Quechua were curious to why they were even there; So Roth and his crew decided to bring a generator so they could explain what a movie was to them because that’s what they were there to do: Make a film. He planned on showing them The Wizard of Oz or E.T but his Peruvian producers wanted to show them the most violent film they could so they showed them Cannibal Holocaust. Surprisingly the villagers all laughed and loved the film, so they all signed up for The Green Inferno. Lastly one of the coolest parts about this whole project was how they decided to pay the villagers; since the villagers had no use for money. Roth said “Because they’re so remote we couldn’t give them money, because they couldn’t go into town to spend it. So we put metal on their houses, we roofed every house in the village, which is pretty cool.” I’m sure that will really benefit the village from any harsh rains or storms that occur down their in the future.

I’ve actually never seen any form of cannibal like film so I am very excited for this. The struggles they went through to scout places to film, to find a real tribe and to use real people instead of a fake tribe full of actors will be real to the eyes all while actually being in the jungle. The movies not even out but I’m already loving it for those reasons! I can imagine it in my head and to see where the horror plays into will be the cherry on top! Surely will be on it’s way to become a cult classic in the future Something funny that Eli Roth said about the whole film production and becoming close with the villagers. “You became friends with all the kids and all the old people. And then by the end they were all playing with iPhones and iPads. We’ve completely polluted the social system and fucked them up.”