Music & Kendrick Lamar

I know this is a movie blog, but I wrote this on twitter and felt it was blog material.

Real Life it’s like is…

I know it’s hard to compare different rappers because they are all unique in their own ways; which makes music a beautiful art, but if you ask me who the most overall talented rapper is right now, that can hit many different aspects such as lyricism, emotions, and even some of that feel good music. I would say Kendrick Lamar; no hesitation. If you don’t think so that’s cool but I hope the only songs you’ve heard aren’t just Poetic Justice, and Bitch Don’t kill my vibe… With that being said there is certain artist that can definetly hit one of the aspects better than Kendrick can, but not all of them like he has the ability to. It’s like, how we can “decide” the greatest rapper of all time. Most people usually say Pac or Biggie. Pac is no where close to being the greatest lyricist. IMO that’s Nas, but anyways Pac & Biggie were well rounded and both died before they could even reach their prime. I could only imagine how different music would be today. Anyways with that being said awkwardly I’d say Kendrick Lamar is one of the best of our generation. I mean I’m not some rap guru or anything, so i’m hoping you don’t come at me with all these facts and rappers and stuff. This is just coming from a man who enjoys music. I love music that can really hit at home. I love lyrics. I like being able to get turnt up. Something I think Kendrick does the best. Oh another thing Kendrick is such a good story teller. I haven’t heard anybody I like that much that can tell stories like that since Nas & Biggie. One last thing. I didn’t say that all because Kendrick Lamar is my favorite rapper; because he’s not. I think he’s the best right now but Dizzy Wright is my favorite. He has been since 2010. I don’t see that ever changing. Kendrick would probably be right after him though. I enjoy talking music. It’s interesting to see everybody’s’ interest, different interpretations and how they connect it with their life. Also another reason why I love music. What I love talking about though is movies. We can talk all day. I don’t think I’m going to touch that subject tonight though haha


“Look the mastermind, took the master’s mind. Just the perfect time, just to master mine. Just to match the grind with precision.” – Kendrick Lamar