Fundamentals of Film-making – First Day

Well today was my first day in my new classes and at a new college (DVC) as well. The college is still a community college, but it’s big in comparison to LMC. Well I started my day off with a 30 minute search for parking… That was ultimately a FAIL. I ended up parking down in a neighborhood along the street where I saw an unusual amount of cars along the road parked also. I guess that’s the thing to do for this school, 8 HUGE parking lots that is just full of cars stalking people in hopes of taking their cars spot. Well anyways back to the topic! This shall be a great class from the looks of it. The professor is a lady named Kristy Guevara-Flanagan. She is a filmmaker here in the San Francisco Bay Area with 3 films directed under her belt, most recently being “Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines” She was pretty nice and wants to help us make connections with the schools film club, help with getting internships in this area, and keep us updated on film festivals if we so choose for any of the three.

In the actual course we are going to learn how to operate digital HD video cameras, lighting, sound, and digital editing equipment. Develop scripts and prepare a pre-production binder including storyboards and shot list. All the basic elements and things needed to make a film. Along the way we have assignments to do. At the moment we only have 3 for the month of September #1 Defining Basic Video Grammar (25 points & in a team). #2 Shot by Shot Film Sequence (re-create a famous Hollywood film sequence with a storyboard as well) (75 points & in a team). #3 Self-portrait with sound design (75 points & in a team).

I know for the whole course it’s leading up to I believe two short films we have to make in teams, A silent film, and our final film project. We viewed a couple and one was interesting, but not so great. The second was nice comedy. The third was like a little TV movie with The Walking Dead influence. So yeah looking forward to making those hopefully it’s quality so I can share it with you all! I also have another film class before this one begins, but it’s more so film history from the 1960s to present. All in all I am not sure what I want to do with this whole film making stuff. I was hoping by the end of December I’ll know. What i’m hoping for is to at least be able to know how to make a film if I ever chose to do so. Expecting to know a decent amount on film-making after this course. I can say that if I am good at all this I’m expecting my short films to have a Hitchcock influence too it and maybe Kubrick also (no where near their greatness though)! Well for now that’s all I really know or can remember at the moment, Cheers!