The Devil’s Cabaret

I randomly saw this at the end of a Hitchcock film on TCM, and oh I can tell you this is a proper comedy from 1930! The run time is just a mere 16 minutes. In general it’s a comedic portrayal of the Devil and his struggle to bring more people into Hell. More towards the end it turns into a musical that was strangely creepy but nevertheless entertaining!

At “Satan & Co. Inc” Mr. Satan is agitated by the fact that too many people are going into Heaven rather than Hades. So the Devil tells has his assistant Mr. Burns to bring more people into Hades. Mr. Burns (Edward Buzzell) tells good ole Sat that he’ll do his best to do his worst. In front of a night club called “Devil’s Cabaret” Burns steals the spotlight from a preacher in order to invite the people in; He offers the people hot music and then the trip to Hades.

“No No don’t bring a stockbroker down here, He’ll ruin me.”

The Devil’s appearance is what caught my attraction. He was tall and slender with these atrocious eyebrows, and funny mustache. He played the role of not really knowing how to handle things, but knowing what he wants handled. That’s where his assistant comes in. The act Edward Buzzell gave as Mr. Burns (haha get it?) was brilliant! His conversations with the Devil was top banter. When in the Devil’s presence; Burns talked to “Sattie” as if they have had a partnership for centuries!

The whole short overall was pretty enjoyable! Life was just placed on hold for 16 minutes. The simplicity in the whole production, and sets were just refreshing to see. Everything (at least to my understanding) was all practical effects.

Rating: ★★½/ ★★★★★