What’s up?

I am almost finished with my top 30 favorite films post. I have all my movies, and mostly all the descriptions of them, I just need to add my own thoughts and opinions on the films. I was hoping to have it done a couple days ago, but college got in the way. I’m hoping to get that out this week though! I’m dying to just click post haha. At the moment i’m working with a group of people and we just came up with our script for our silent short film. Basically a detective discovers a car with a bloodied body in it, and a few clues, and searchers for a psychotic hitchhiker (I mean I could go more in detail if someone wanted to know) Unfortunately we have to make this film between 3-4 minutes long, but hoping it will turn out great!

I’m def going to the theaters this week to see The Shining, and hopefully 12 Years A Slave. I’m hoping I can see Captain Phillips as well, Heard that it’s good, and probably Carrie. 

Hope everyone is doing well!