Monthly Archive: January, 2014

Oscar predictions

At last, the nominations for the 86th annual Academy Awards have been released. It seems that most nominations are agreed upon with the film community. I have noticed some people are not happy… Continue reading

AFI Top 100 Films: Jaws

The first of many reviews  to follow as Hunter and I discuss the films on AFI’s Top 100. Based on a randomization process we start off with #48 Jaws by Steven Spielberg. The… Continue reading

Ingmar Bergman’s Dreams

A video that studies Ingmar Bergman’s films and how his dreams influenced them. I have only seen The Seventh Seal, (which is brilliant) but every time I watch this video I can’t help… Continue reading

Take Shelter

Living on the edge of town is Curtis LaForche (Michael Shannon), a seemingly a relatively stable man working in construction. As of late things have not been quite normal for Curtis, starting off… Continue reading


When things go wrong at a medical school Zurich, Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) is the suspect for killing and bringing back to life Dr. Grubar. He is transferred to from Zurich to another… Continue reading

It’s a new year, new things

Well it’s already 2014. I can’t believe how quickly 2013 went by. I hope this year brings us some good films to the Cinemas. I also hope that we are all in good… Continue reading

Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor is the true story of the failed Navy Seal’s “Operation Red Wing” mission; The objective was to to capture or kill Taliban leader Ahmad Shah in the Afghanistan 2005. As the… Continue reading

The Top 10 Best and Worst films of 2013

Hello everyone! I’d first like to thank you all for checking out my blog this past 8 months. I’ve been able to get 1400 views, 18 reviews, and some list. I hope that… Continue reading