It’s a new year, new things

Well it’s already 2014. I can’t believe how quickly 2013 went by. I hope this year brings us some good films to the Cinemas. I also hope that we are all in good health for the year so we could even see them to begin with!

Well I have some new things about the blog. Haha I finally came up with something as my header “Cinematic Odyssey”, Unfortunately someone has a wordpress called acinematicodyssey even though they don’t use it anymore, so for now I’ll stick with fallingfromvertigo.

I finally introduced a rating system, I chose to use stars up to 5, with an explanation if anybody wants to understand which individual star means. At the moment I only have Lone Survivor rated, but im going to try and rate them all tonight.

A new theme for the blog, I like it much better than last. This new allows you to see what i’ve posted up to like 10 post or so, instead of scrolling for a long time. I start school again soon, but this time around it’s finally becoming easier for me to write, hopefully my growth as a writer will continue into 2014.

I’m hoping to get reviews for The Conjuring and Children of Men before school starts on the 13th. I was also considering Re-Animator and John Carpenter’s Halloween.

Well that’s all I suppose, Happy New Years everyone!