Monthly Archive: April, 2014


I knew one day I would have to watch Gladiator; the high praise that’s given to the film by my friends and the impressive 5 Academy Awards left me very interested in watching… Continue reading

Blind Spot: The Passion of Joan of Arc

Back in my days of high-school, in my third year of Français. My teacher chose to show us this film since we were learning about the history of France. I took great pleasure… Continue reading

Mean Streets

Mean Streets is third feature from legendary director Martin Scorsese which marks his entry into Cinema. The film follows the Charlie (Harvey Keitel) a small time member of Little Italy trying to work his way up… Continue reading


Darren Aronofsky brings us the familiar story of Noah Ark, but brings a new perspective of the biblical tale. Noah (Russell Crowe) is the decedent of Seth and devoted to the Creator. He remains… Continue reading

Under The Skin

Jonathan Glazer’s Under The Skin is the first film I’ve seen this year that was out there on the abstract scale. One member of the audience labeled the film as “European”. I was… Continue reading