Happy Belated 1 year anniversary!

5/7/14 – I’ll be honest and say I did not even expect to make it through three months of blogging. (Hopefully I haven’t told this story yet) At the time, I was still shocked by the news of Roger Ebert’s passing. He was an incredible man, extremely insightful in his reviews, and his passion for film was clearly apparent. His death was sad news for everyone but he’s in a place where he can watch any movie he feels like watching at the moment, more than likely with his pal Gene Siskel. Well for that whole next month I searched through countless blogs trying to find someone who shares the same opinions and interest in the films I enjoy. Now my memory fails me but while surfing the web I wound up on my friend Hunter’s page, and was inspired to create my own blog.

Why not channel my energy of reading countless blogs, and explaining films through text messages into my own writing. To give a place for my friends to come read my opinions on films, and share their views as well. I love introducing people to new films that they may have not seen on their own. That’s how it was for a while, I’d learn how to write reviews (Drive, The Bicycle Thief) which are pretty poor when I look back at them, and become ecstatic whenever I reached three views in a single day.

Fast forward to today, and I’m blown away by this entire film-goer community. I had no idea this amount of people wrote reviews, some blogs stretching back to 2008. I feel honored to be apart of this, and blessed that people actually take the time to read my reviews. There has been views by so many countries it’s unbelievable how many eyes have seen my words around the world, it’s quite mind-blowing. I hope to continue to become a better writer, share my views with others, and hopefully inspire someone to create their own blog, or find a new favorite film.

As for the current moment, I’ve been swimming through piles of schoolwork, as the finals approach next week. This summer I only have a class in Chicano Cinema, So I’m expecting to get a lot of reviews written. I have 3-4 in the works at the moment, just haven’t been able to finish them, due to school, films, and Breaking Bad. Although I’m currently keeping record of all the films I’ve been watching. At the end of the year I’m going to take part with everyone in compiling a Top 20 or 30 list of the films I’ve seen this year. So far the top 5 in no order would be: Persona, Raging Bull, Se7en, There Will Be Blood, and lastly although it may be too soon Dazed and Confused.

Well I think it’s better that I stop rambling on and wrap this up. Thank you to everyone who’s ever taken their time to visit this blog, read a review, share it with your friends, anything really is appreciated. From all that, it kept me motivated through the good times, and the bad times to continue writing about the marvelous history of Cinema. Cheers!