40 Movie Facts About Me

Well last night I was on Cinema Train and read his post 25 Movie Facts About Me. The idea was awesome, and I thought it’d be a great way for all of you to know me better. In hopes when I start writing more views you might have a better understanding of my opinions.

1. James Stewart is my favorite actor.

2. Rear Window is my favorite film.

3. I finally saw Fight Club.

4. In the past three years I have been to the theaters 101 times.

5. When I watched Psycho for the first time a few weeks ago (yeah I’m really late) I was genuinely petrified at the twist.. I did not see that coming AT ALL O.O

6. I plan to buy a Star Trek outfit (preferably blue) and watch The Original & The Next Generation Series.

7. From my two viewings of A Clockwork Orange, I still don’t understand why a lot of people like it.

8. If we can talk movies with each other; The conversation can carry out all day long.

9. I love reading/hearing about peoples interpretations and feelings towards movies, It’s always great to hear it from a different perspective.

10. Alfred Hitchcock is the greatest director.
11. I fell asleep the first time I watched Dr. Strangelove and now it’s one of my favorite films.

12. (500) Days of Summer makes me depressed.

13. I’m going to be in a film-making class in the fall.

14. The Shining is my favorite horror movie. The movie leaves me in awe the more and more I watch it.

15. I plan on showing my kids The Shining and other horror films at a young age so they can be afraid of them. Something I always wish I was..

16. I wish more people would watch the movie It’s a Wonderful Life.

17. If you haven’t noticed yet, I always switch off between Film/Movie.

18. I can spend countless hours reading Top 10 ____ Movies list.

19. I saw Black Swan in the theaters 4 times.. I paid each time.

20. The first serious movie I saw was Blood Diamond, then second Children of Men. After those I started watching more and more serious movies.

21. I love War movies.

22. I’m building a movie collection.

23. When I have kids I plan on showing them all these amazing films from the 40s and 50s.

24. If it has anything to do with Aliens, I’m watching it.

25. I thought Prometheus was amazing.

26. The Last Exorcism pt. 2 is the worst movie I’ve ever seen in theaters.

27. After I saw Requiem for a Dream, I was mega sensitive to noises for a few hours & haunted by the main song “Lux Aeterna”.

28. I want to go to Paris and order a Royale with cheese.. even though I don’t like hamburgers

29. The funniest thing I’ve seen while watching a movie is the KKK group criticism about the pillow cases in Django Unchained.


30. My favorite foreign film is the Tell No One (ne le dis a personne).

31. I believe Inception to be one of the best films of the 2010s.

32. 30 Days of Night once had me terrified for my friend to move to Alaska in fear her town would be attacked by vampires.

33. I can watch Boyz in the Hood & Friday without ever getting bored.

34. I feel like a lot of newer films don’t allow you to think as much in comparison to films before the 70s. By that I mean they tell you have to feel and what to think. In some cases that’s good, but others… eh.

35. Currently Thor is my favorite Avenger.

36. Donna Reed & Natalie Portman are my actress crushes.
37. I think more people should watch Repo Men(2010) Truly underrated.

38. I also think everyone should see (500) Days of Summer.

39. My actor on the rise is no doubt Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

40. I want to make a movie that will allow people to escape the reality of the world and go to a place that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.