Hello my name is Jon! To begin, I’m not really a writer. I love watching films though, and often find myself in disbelief when somebody tells me they haven’t seen a film. In order to let people know what movies they should see I decided to create a blog. I’m mostly going to attempt to make beautiful reviews haha, and try to incorporate other things to check out on here as well, for example top 10 lists. Well I hope you enjoy this, welcome to any constructive criticism or conversations πŸ˜€

My favorite film of all time is definetly Rear Window, and it’s funny because my favorite director is Alfred Hitchcock and Jimmy Stewart is my favorite actor. I play sports, most particularly soccer and skateboarding. I live in the Bay Area, mais je parle francias aussi πŸ™‚

You can find me on twitter at @jonharrisonsb or email me at jonharrisonsb@yahoo.com