The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game is based on the real life math mathematician Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch). At the height of World War 2; the Germans had their messages sent in secret codes through an… Continue reading

The portrayal of violence in Cape Fear

Well, I thought since I haven’t had the time to write a review in a while (which is extremely frustrating) I thought I would just post this essay I wrote for film class… Continue reading

I’m going to return soon

Yeah, almost two months now.. work, school, movies, and my new ps4 have taken over my life in that order. I will start writing again soon I promise. In the mean time I’ll… Continue reading


A young nurse named Alma (Bibi Andersson), is put in charge of looking after Elisabet Vogler (Liv Ullmann), An actress who suddenly went mute during a performance. Elisabet appears to be perfectly healthy… Continue reading


At the end of work, Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) steps into his vehicle onto a path that will change his life over the course of a hour and a half. Immediately Locke and… Continue reading


On Thanksgiving Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) brings the Dover family over to friends of the family and neighbors The Birches (Terrance Howard & Viola Davis). While the grown ups talk, The families’ six year… Continue reading


  In a year that released two Hercules films, the former being The Legend of Hercules with Kellan Lutz which received poor reviews. In an effort to wash those memories at the minds… Continue reading


When I first saw details surrounding this film; I had the belief that it may become one of my favorite films of the year. Two Jake Gyllenhaals and Mélanie Laurent, both within one… Continue reading


At the moment I’ve never seen the original Godzilla or any of the Japanese versions but I have seen the terrible American 1998 version; leaving this film with not much to do in… Continue reading

Blindspot: The Virgin Spring

Set in the medieval times, the world is teetering between Christianity and Paganism. The film opens up to an unkempt pregnant women Ingeri (Gunnel Lindblom) praying to pagan God Odin to have misfortune… Continue reading