Rating System

It was hard to choose between a star rating system or A letter grading system. For international purposes I feel as though stars will be easier. However stars can be complicated most particularly between three, four and five stars. I may use ½ if it’s not quite at a star level fully. If you guys have any suggestions I would welcome them.

★ – One or two okay scenes, but the rest is unbearable. Don’t advise you to see to see it or waste money on it.

★★ – Has something going for it, decent story, alright acting, and direction. However falls short and/or unoriginal. Not going to think much about it afterwards.

★★★ – Redbox material. Good cast and story. It accomplishes what it’s going for, but could have been better. I would recommend it, but there’s no rush to see it. Will buy if cheap.

★★★★ – This was a great film. It has a great cast, story, cinematography. It may have a chance at picking up a couple of awards. Leaves a lasting impression. Easily recommend. Will eventually buy.

★★★★★ – Has the potential for me to fall in love. A film that will be on the tip of my tongue all year. Worth seeing more than once, even if it cost money. The cast and direction take no wrong steps. Something you need to rush out and see. Must buy the day it’s in stores. A pure cinematic experience.